Alana started searching for characters because there’s only so many times you can ride Small World. We thought it’d be something fun to do for a few days – complete all the scheduled meet and greets, take a few pictures, move on to the next adventure.

We had no idea what we were getting in to.

At Disney, characters range from common to impossible. While there are close to a hundred characters that can be met on a daily basis, there are many more which are more challenging. Some characters only appear one day each year – unannounced! Some characters can only be found with luck. Some characters randomly appear at special events. Some characters haven’t been seen for year. And the hunt continues.

At Universal, character hunting is a different challenge. Characters are more available, and lines are shorter, but the hunt is just as challenging. There’s less published information, making character appearances randomly happen. New characters are randomly introduced and then disappear again, always giving you something new to look for.

Character hunting has added a new dimension to our theme park adventures. We don’t have to be dedicated to the hunt, but inevitably we’ll always find something new each trip. All part of the fun.

This website strives to detail our adventures and can hopefully help you begin some adventures of your own.