Alana Met Cinderella’s Suzy and Perla!

Our run of meeting rare characters continued this past weekend at Magic Kingdom.  We lined up to meet the Tremaines, but they left after a few minutes – and were replaced with Suzy and Perla!  For months, we’ve heard that Suzy and Perla were meeting in Fantasyland, but had never seen them in person.  We know several people who have seen them, but the line closed before they could join.  Basically these characters come out infrequently and are mobbed when they show up.  So this meet was definitely 100% luck!


Alana Met Winter-Hood Lady Tremaine

It was a relatively warm morning at Magic Kingdom, so we weren’t expecting to see any characters wearing their winter clothes.  We lucked out and found Lady Tremaine wearing her Winter Hood.  We’ve met Lady Tremaine many times in the past, but this was our first time meeting her in her winter hood, bringing our character count up by one.


Apparently she’s not too into hugs!

Alana Met Robin Hood!

Huge day today!  We’ve spent countless days attending Characterpalooza events and have met almost all the characters.  But one wily fox evaded us for months.  Just as quickly as he’d appear, he’d disappear for a month or more – just enough to tease that he’s around but remind us that we never met him.

The gates to Characterpalooza were busier than ever.  Because it’s Sunday, there was only one set.  We overheard conversations of people speculating who could be behind the doors, and which rare characters they’d run to first.  Then the gates opened…

The green outfit on the brown fur could be seen from a mile away.  We immediately knew today was magical.  The crowds of people hunting “rare” characters ran right past him to meet Aladdin and other characters there every day.  A lot of people had no idea who he was.  But we knew.  Because we looked for him forever.

The meet with Robin Hood was amazing.  Alana loved the big hugs and had him sign her book, although ironically he’s one of the only characters not in the book because we never found him before.  He posed for pictures and we moved on.  We had enough time to meet some other characters and come back and see him again – because, really, it’ll be forever and a moon before we see him again.

Overall, excellent day at Characterpalooza.  But odd at the same time.  Robin Hood officially marks the final character she has yet to meet at this event.  The driving force for us returning over and over.  Just like the drive to meet the Tweedles (who are fairly regular now at Magic Kingdom) drove us to return over and over through the summer, so is the same for Robin Hood now.  We’ll still return but that prayer for an unmet character is gone – until they break out the next new character!