Alana attends Shrek Feast at Villa De Flora

In December 2014, Alana and family attended the Shrek Feast character breakfast at the Villa De Flora restaurant at Gaylord Palms. The food was wonderful and we were even served unlimited Swamp Juice!  And most important is that we met several characters that can only be found at this restaurant!

Shrek-2014-12-26Can never miss an opportunity to meet the big man himself!

Fiona-2014-12-26Fiona giving Alana (in her Fiona dress) some princess lessons.

Puss-in-Boots-2014-12-26-04Alana and Puss In Boots (an exclusive in Orlando) remained friends as long as he stayed away from her sippy cup filled with milk.

After meeting with Shrek, Fiona and Donkey, we headed over to the Ice Exhibition.  A special attraction was the ability to decorate gingerbread cookies with Gingie, which of course was an opportunity that we couldn’t pass up!

Gingie-2014-12-26Alana posting with Gingie (another exclusive in Orlando) and her Gingie doll!