Despicable Me Superstar Dance Party

Each day, Universal Studios hosts a series of revolving dance parties. Every 30 minutes, typically beginning at 10:00am (check your park time guide for exact start times), one of four different dance parties greets guests at the Character Party Zone in the street in front of the Hollywood Make-Up Show. Parties begin every 30 minutes until the Superstar Parade occurs in the afternoon.

Despicable-Me-Superstar-Dance-Party-2015-02-15What is the Despicable Me Superstar Dance Party?

The Despicable Me Superstar Dance Party features characters from the movie Despicable Me. Gru and the girls ride out in a giant float. Vector arrives in a diabolical spacecraft and tries to participate in a dance party, but the Minion performers want nothing to do with him. Afterwards, a meet-and-greet session begins with all characters and performers. After 15 minutes, the party leaves so that the next party can begin after a 10-minute break.

Who Can I Meet?

  • Gru
  • Agnes, Edith and Margo
  • Vector
  • Many performers dressed like Minions

Alana’s Tips:

  • The line for Gru fills up quickly, so stand close to Mel’s Diner so you can be among the first to meet him.
  • Alana typically has more fun meeting with the Minions than anyone else because their characters are goofy and over-the-top.
  • Vector is the only villain at the revolving dance parties, so great ready to unleash your evil side when you have your photo taken with him.