Alana Meets Disney Friends in Easter Outfits

Alana loves meeting unique characters, so our Easter tradition has become visiting Disney to find characters wearing unique outfits for the holiday.

Donald Formal White and Purple 2016-03-27 Port Orleans Riverside Daisy Formal Flower Dress 2016-03-27 Port Orleans Riverside

We started our morning at Port Orleans Riverside and met Donald and Daisy alternating sets.

White Rabbit 2016-03-27 Old Key West

Afterwards, we ran over to Old Key West, where Alana met with the White Rabbit.  She insisted on giving him a kiss on the nose!

Mickey Formal White and Yellow 2016-03-27 Old Key West

After meeting White Rabbit, we hopped back in line to meet Mickey and Minnie meeting together.  This was the same outfit Minnie wore last year when we saw her at Coronado, but the Mickey outfit was completely new. We finished up the morning at Caribbean Beach where we saw Tourist Daisy, but unfortunately the line was already closed.

Mickey Formal Black and Purple 2016-03-27 Port Orleans French Quarter

Later that night, we stopped by Port Orleans French Quarter for one last Easter meet-and-greet.  Alana met Mickey and Minnie wearing outfits she had never met before.

Overall, the day was a huge success.  Alana added five new characters to her total count.  We did miss some characters we wanted to find so we have a plan for next year.