Alana Visits Mardi Gras at Universal Orlando

Alana’s favorite event of the entire year is Mardi Gras at Universal Orlando.  Besides Macy’s Parade, there’s really no other event like it during the year.  The streets are lined with performers doing meet-and-greets for hours.  Beyond pictures, the performers get park guests to dance, tell jokes and play games.  Alana loves spending hours going up and down the street visiting with all the different performers – easily more than 30 in any given night.  And by visiting week after week, Alana gets to see all of her Mardi Gras friends before they dance down the streets in the nightly Mardi Gras parade.


All of Alana’s (or, in this case, Spider-Alana’s) Mardi Gras friends are so sweet to always stop to take great photos with her.


Matching Green Bows with this Musician!


Alana impressing all the Italian guys with her peacock dress.


Walking down the street with two of her favorite performers.


Big kisses from Alana’s Mardi Gras friends!


Apparently Minions have the power to shatter slap-bracelet swords!


This friend was so happy to see Alana in her Minion dress.


Alana was especially happy to wear her peacock dress and meet this performer wearing her peacock outfit.  Twins!