Goodbye Nick Hotel

We’ve always had a lot of fun during our visits to Nick Hotel.  The hotel was filled with fun activities and unique characters that you couldn’t meet other places in Central Florida.  Unfortunately the hotel never catered to locals, requiring an overnight stay to partake in the on-site activities, so our visits were few and far between.  The hotel recently announced daily passes, which worked perfect for us as locals.

Nickelodeon Hotel recently celebrated their tenth birthday, but unfortunately it appears this will be their last.  The hotel recently announced they would be converting to a Holiday Inn and removing all characters from the property.  This is a huge bummer because all these unique characters would be going away.

So we took one last opportunity to visit Nick Hotel and meet as many characters as we could.

Nick Hotel DSC_0496

Before meeting characters, Alana and Ella shared a slime shake.  It was really great!

Nick Hotel DSC_0514

Our first meet was with Marshall and Chase from Paw Patrol.

Nick Hotel DSC_0522

Big kisses for Chase!

Nick Hotel DSC_0538

Alana has met SpongeBob SquarePants many times at Universal Orlando, but it was nice to find him at Nick Hotel.  Alana even brought her SpongeBob outfit for the day.

Nick Hotel DSC_0583

One of the cool perks at Nick Hotel is a great pool with a daily sliming.  A giant bucket of slime is filled and dumped on all the kids waiting at the bottom.  Alana and Ella kept their distance so they stayed dry.

Nick Hotel DSC_0609

Another great perk of the resort is nearly-daily productions of Double Dare.  The show chooses random families from the resort to participate in trivia and challenges to win big prizes.

Nick Hotel DSC_0612

Alana was chosen to participate in the audience challenge!

Nick Hotel DSC_0660

We started wrapping up the day by meeting her friend from Team Umizoomi.

Nick Hotel DSC_0697

And finished our day with our main objective, a meet with Sandy Cheeks from SpongeBob SquarePants.  Alana even had the opportunity to practice her ninja skills.  Nick Hotel is also home to Mrs Puff and Mr Krab, but unfortunately these characters were retired before Alana had the opportunity to meet them.  But seeing Sandy was a real treat.

Overall we had a great experience this day.  We’ll miss the resort and wish we had the opportunity to have visited more in the past.  If you are interested in visiting the resort before it closes in mid-April, be sure to visit