Club Villain at Hollywood Studios

Club Villain is a limited-time event at Hollywood Studios that combines villains with live entertainment.  It was a perfect night that we recommend to everyone interested in this type of event.  The event is held in a sound stage behind Rock’n Roller Coaster.    Dr Facilier is the host of the event and brings together Cruella De Vil, the Evil Queen, Maleficent and the Queen of Hearts to perform songs and meet with guests.  Dinner is also included in the event, with most of the food based on Dr Facilier and desserts based on his four villain friends.

Club Villain DSC_0062

Dr Facilier’s voodoo charms adorned the walls.  They were animated and sang along with some of the songs.

Club Villain DSC_0073

Dr Facilier also brought two dancing girls with him.  Alana loved hopping in and dancing with them.

Club Villain DSC_0091

After dinner, the meet and greets began.  Of course Alana brought a costume change for each villain.  She was especially excited to meet the Queen of Hearts because she dressed like her for Halloween last year.  Also, this is the first time we are aware of the Queen of Hearts appearing as a face character.

Club Villain DSC_0107

Alana absolutely adored Cruella De Vil and would have spent the entire evening with her if allowed.

Club Villain DSC_0139

Maleficent was a little scary, but told Alana that she could take a picture because she knew that Alana wasn’t the real Princess Aurora.

Club Villain DSC_0156

The Evil Queen was taken aback by Snow White’s beauty.  Alana also pointed out that we forgot to bring her red apple for the event.  Apparently five costume changes weren’t enough.

Club Villain DSC_0144

Speaking of apples, this amazing disco ball floated above the middle of the dance floor.

Club Villain DSC_0167

Dr Facilier didn’t offer formal meet and greets.  He offered to take a picture with Alana, but she was a little afraid of him – which is ironic because she loved him at home and has met him several times before.  He organized a dance party and waved at Alana as he danced by.

Club Villain DSC_0173

At the end of the night, Alana and all of her new friends danced for the rest of the event.

Overall this event was so much more than we expected when we originally bought tickets.  There are limited scheduled dates and the show has been extended so definitely try to get tickets if there are any left.