Pasta In The Park with Hercules

Sometimes our quest for rare characters takes us to odd places.  Pasta In the Park is a carb-loading event tied to the Princess Half-Marathon where runners partake in spaghetti dinner.  It combines food, live music and characters.  It’s also one of the few running events that does not require participation in the marathon.  This is key as Alana is too young to participate in marathons with rare characters.

Nothing was announced in advance except that characters would appear, but we took a gamble and purchased tickets hoping for the best.  We had no idea that perfection that we were about to stumble into.

I’ve since learned that each Pasta in the Park has a different theme.  A previous event was themed after Aladdin and contained all characters that Alana has already met.  We couldn’t believe our eyes when the doors opened.

The event was themed after Hercules!

Five ultra rare characters.  All characters that Alana has never met before.  We couldn’t believe it.

Pasta In The Park Pain and Panic 2016-02-19

We quickly jumped into the first line and met Pain and Panic.  Alana loved them and was thrilled to get a picture with them.

Pasta In The Park Hades 2016-02-19

Next line was Hades.  This was a little complicated.  All week, I prepped Alana for the Club Villain event we would be attending the next night.  I reassured her that the villains invited her to their “tea party” because they were nice now, and that she wouldn’t have to meet mean villains like “Ursula and Hades”, as she referred to them.  I had no idea that Hades would be appearing.  Alana initially hesitated, pointing out that he has sharp teeth and blue fire hair.  And of course if she said no, it’s a no, but she realized he was nice to other guests and decided that she “wanted to be brave”.  She met him and I was so proud of her for facing her fears.

Pasta In The Park Hercules 2016-02-19

Next we raced over to the Hercules line.  She loved meeting him and showing him her muscles.

Pasta In The Park Meg 2016-02-19

Finally, Hercules switched with Meg.  Meg was definitely Alana’s favorite of the night.  She took her time with Alana and was sweet and caring.  Alana still talks about her to this day.

Pasta In The Park Mag 2016-02-19

We finished the event in an hour and used the remaining half hour to eat spaghetti and unlimited ice cream bars!  We also enjoyed the live music and dance party. Alana event got to meet Mag, who dressed like her favorite character, Meg.

Overall, the event is great if you love characters and are willing to take a risk paying a good amount of money with no guarantee of anything special.  But it’s a fun event and we look forward to attending more in the future.