Alana Published by Universal

Universal Publish DSC_0841

So excited to announce that Alana has received her second publishing credit.  After being published in a Disney magazine late last year, Alana is now appearing on the cover of the current Universal Passholder mailing.

Universal Publish DSC_0858

Alana originally took this photo back in September 2015.  It was a rainy day and Alana brought her pink umbrella to the park.  It turns out that Betty Boop and Lucille Ball did the same, so we took a spontaneous picture of the three of them together.  Universal noticed the picture on Alana’s Instagram account and requested permission to use it in an upcoming mailing.  Very exciting!

Universal Publish Betty Boop and Lucille Ball 2015-09-07

Alana has so many great Universal moments so I’m thrilled that Universal was able to share one of them with all of the great Passholders.