13 Princess Alanas Visit Magic Kingdom

Alana has so many special outfits that she’s worn to Disney over the past two years.  Unfortunately she continues to grow and is starting to outgrow some of them.  So we wanted to do something really special to celebrate these great outfits.

We gathered up all the outfits and headed to Magic Kingdom.  We booked morning reservations to enter the park an hour, giving us a limited block of time to finish our photography before guests filled the background.  We staged a camera on a tripod and managed to complete 13 costume changes in an hour.

13 Princesses 2016-02-12

The final product turned out better than we could have ever hoped.  Not only are the costumes great, but Alana nailed the personality and spirit of all the princesses.

We have plans for the picture but that will be a future project.