Alana’s Fourth Birthday at Universal

When Alana turned three, we drove to Universal so she could purchase her very first Annual Pass.  So it felt appropriate to do the same on her fourth birthday.  Once renewed, Alana had free reign to choose anything she’d like in the entire park.  And of course she chose her two favorites – Straight Outta Food Truck and the Superstar Dance Parties.

Universal Birthday DSC_0352

Dora is so excited that Alana is now four years old!

Universal Birthday DSC_0497

Patch and Bit from the movie Hop gave Alana extra snuggles on her birthday!

Fish Friends 2016-02-08

All of Alana’s fish friends visited her for her birthday.  It’s the first time all four took a picture with her at the same time.

Universal Birthday DSC_0745

She finished the afternoon with her Minion recruit friends.  All in all, a really fun day doing Alana’s favorite things at Universal.