Alana Met Scuba Mickey

When Alana and I started hunting characters back in early 2014, we would read websites and see pictures of characters that we never imagined we would actually find in the parks.  The top of our Wish List had to be Scuba Mickey.

It seemed like the perfect storm of impossibility.  He has only been seen in the rarest of occassions, usually disappearing for a year at a time.  All water conditions need to be right for Mickey to enter the water.  Once he’s there, he can only stay underwater for a limited time.  And once he appears, a swarm of people will fill the glass, making it impossible to get the perfect picture.  All these things made the task seem impossible.

After a sighting last week and another this week, Alana and I decided to check out the saltwater tank at Nemo & Friends.  After a 45 minute wait, it suddenly happened.  We saw yellow legs lowering into the water, and before I could say anything, a child screamed “It’s Mickey Mouse!” and the glass flooded with people.  Mickey swam by the last for two minutes before heading over to the windows at Coral Reef Restaurant.  Eventually Mickey came back for a few minutes of pictures and underwater backflips before heading back to the surface.

Huge thanks to Molly for entertaining Alana and holding her in these pictures.  And thanks to Willy The Artist for taking much better photos than I could.  We’ve met hundreds of characters but this has to be the best meet ever, right?

Mickey-Scuba-2015-03-27-02-pic-by-willyMar 2015:  Got extremely lucky when we found Scuba Mickey swimming in the tank outside Nemo at Epcot.
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Mickey-Scuba-2015-03-27-01-pic-by-willyMar 2015:  Another great shot with Scuba Mickey.
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